Currency Converter Results Convert Ounces of Palladium (XPD) to Euro (EUR)

1 XPD = 612.7800 EUR
Ounces of Palladium   Euro
1 XPD = 612.7800 EUR    

Live rates at 2017.04.25


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XPD popular rates table

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Currency Unit Unit per XPD XPD per Unit
AUD Australian Dollar N/A N/A
CAD Canadian Dollar N/A N/A
CHF Swiss Franc N/A N/A
DKK Danish Krone N/A N/A
EUR Euro 612.7800 N/A
GBP British Pound 489.0000 N/A
JPY Japanese Yen N/A N/A
SEK Swedish Krona N/A N/A
USD US Dollar 768.0000 N/A
ZAR South African Rand N/A N/A

Live rates at 2017.04.25