Historical rates for New Turkish Lira (TRY)

TRY New Turkish Lira rates table

Currency Unit Unit per TRY TRY per Unit
GBP British Pound N/A 3.4827
USD US Dollar 0.4501 2.2205
EUR Euro N/A 2.7857
JPY Japanese Yen 53.209 N/A
AUD Australian Dollar N/A 1.9145
CAD Canadian Dollar N/A 1.9634
CHF Swiss Franc 0.4313 2.3167
DKK Danish Krone 2.6703 0.3743
NZD New Zealand Dollar N/A 1.7455
PLN Polish Zloty 1.5114 N/A
XAG Ounces of Silver N/A 36.1117
XAU Ounces of Gold N/A 2649.74
ZAR South African Rand 4.9324 0.2024

Live rates at 2017.12.18